40 Bridal Shower Games and Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Planning a bridal shower is no easy task! There is so much to think about from invitations to food. One of the most daunting tasks can be entertainment. How do you make sure all the guests and bride-to-be have an amazing time? Try having games. Games will have the whole party laughing and everyone can get involved. To get you inspired we have put together 41 games that will bring excitement and fun to any shower.

48 Best Graduation Party Themes To Use This Year

Are you having trouble of thinking of graduation party themes that will impress your guests?

A party theme makes everything easier. It helps you choose what colors to decorate with, food to serve, and activities for guests to do.

But picking a graduation party theme that hasn’t been done a million times can be HARD!

This post is all about graduation party themes.